I really need some help getting contacts and Sponsors for my project so if ANYONE who can draw simple anime even wants to talk or help me out it would be appreciated!



This will be my first post and not my last. No one knows about this site yet but hopefully someone will soon. I wanted to start this site to blog my journey in my Studio Ghibli Project. Im basically selling merchandise, painting murals and whatever I can to get people to notice anime. My long term hope is to take me and a small group to Japan to go to Studio Ghibli and meet the creator. I dont have any of these merchandise up yet but they will be on Teepublic.com pretty soon. This is all for now.

The end

Hai guys, its the end of the school year and, the end of this project. I did not post even one youtube video or complete a mural but, i would call this blog a success. Even if i did not complete my goals i still learned something, i learned that personal motivation is all you need to do something great. I didnt have enough motivation for this, i got myself down. However, im happy to say im proud of this blog, and i want to thank those who followed me or liked my posts. Thank you all for making this so great

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Ok so, I decided I’m going to make a mural at my school so then I don’t have to worry about any fees, i have a spot and, people can see the process i go through. Also, the best part is that during the next few Fridays I have i can work on it at school during class!!!! :)))))). I’m so excited. I know I have been slacking until now but I AM READY!!!! I need all the support I can get! I appreciate anyone who has even looked at one of my posts and for those who have followed me well major kudos to you! ❤


I am INSPIRED AGAIN! I started drawing and made this amazing photo of Raven Howl hugging Sophie! Its weird because usually I don´t like any artwork I make but this time,  its different. I checked out paint prices at my local hardware store and its like forty dollars per gallon. I also emailed the town supervisor to see if the library is publicly or privately owned. I am not sure if he has responded yet but, I will know soon.


THAT´S ALL – Hannah Banana


OMG you guys!!!! I am not completely sure if I mentioned this before but, Studio Ghibli’s director Hayao Miyazaki retired late last year and, there is a new director. His name is Michael Dudok de Wit. The first film coming from the company since Miyazaki’s retirement will be called THE RED TURTLE. Whats really bothering me is that since De Wit is FRENCH, not japanese, they may not consider any films that come from Studio Ghibli under his name, anime anymore. They would be “animations”. I disagree with this because, almost all the animators working on the film are japanese, De Wit is just the director. Sadly, no one knows much about the new film or, how much will be coming from japanese animators and how much will come from french animators. THE RED TURTLE is scheduled for release in Japan this September but, I’m not sure how long until its available in other countries. If you want more information read this article:    .

(I really hoped that link worked. Ill be posting some information on De Wit hopefully by the end of week. Peace and Love,



OK! SO im in class right now and every one else is working on the american revolution but i finished cause im boss like that so I wanted to share my newfound addiction…FAIRYTAIL! I absolutely love it! For anyone who hasnt seen fairytail its amazing and there may be a few SPOILERS ahead up to episode 50 so be warned. OK so i look alot like lucy as of this moment, tight blue shirt, blonde hair in side pony tail and pink fairy tail insignia on my hand, (creds to my friend maelene for drawing it). But yeah and omg I AM IN LOVE with Loke! he is so amazing and nice and hot…ok hes just really hot. Then gray is really cool. (hahaha PUNS) but no, I absolutely love the characters. Me and my friends were making the sign that means we will see each other in a different lifetime all of lunch. WHEN I SAW THAT EPISODE I CRIED! To relate this post to studio ghibli, I think that studio ghibli has more adventurous characters with more of a delicate, beautiful touch in the art work while Fairytail focuses more on the character development. Even though you could name a studio ghibli character and I could write a 10 page essay just on that one character, I mean jeez, this is a huge post for me yet it feels like I have written so little. I think I’m gonna stop here but I send love to all my followers and likers and commenters and any single fangirl or boy out there. “If its to protect our family…be it a kingdom or the entire world, we would make them our enemy…That’s what it means to be in FairyTail…” ~ Natsu.